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Record: oai:ARNO:504850

AuthorJ.J. Hoedeman
TitleNotes on the Ichthyology of Surinam (Dutch Guiana). 2. The Surinam representatives of Gasteropelecus and Carnegiella, with remarks on the tribe Gasteropelecidi
AbstractThis paper, the second note on the fishes of Surinam, is chiefly based on material recently acquisited by the Museum. The first paper dealt with the Callichthyidae (cf. Beaufortia No. 12).
I am much indebted to Mr. C. A. SPOELSTRA of the „Blijdorp” Zoo-Aquarium in Rotterdam, who took care that the fine collection was preserved in the proper way, and who arranged preservation of specimens in the various localities. The members of the Blijdorp expedition had merely the task to bring back alive fishes for aquatic-dealers as well as the Blijdorp aquarium.
Document typearticle
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