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Record: oai:ARNO:504936

AuthorsEduardo Hajdu, Sven Zea, Margriet Kielman, Solange Peixinho
TitleMycale escarlatei n. sp. and Mycale unguifera n.sp. (Demospongiae) from the Tropical-Western Atlantic
AbstractMycale escarlatei n.sp. is described from the coasts of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and from the Santa Marta area in Colombia. It belongs to the subgenus Aegogropila and is distinguished from other congeners in the area, by slender anisochelae-II and possession of micracanthoxeas. Mycale unguifera n.sp. is found in the Islas del Rosario and Santa Marta area in Colombia. It belongs to the subgenus Grapelia and is distinguished within this taxon, by its large and abundant sigmas. The specimen described by Carter (1886) as Pseudoesperia enigmatica, is here proposed as neotype of Grapelia australis. Furthermore, we provide a phylogenetic discussion of centrally-thickened, centrotylote-like toxas, micracanthoxeas, absence of an ectosomal skeleton and anisochelae-III with a basal spur-like projection.
Document typearticle
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