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Record: oai:ARNO:504976

AuthorsBr. Theowald, P. Oosterbroek
TitleZur Zoogeographie der Westpalaearktischen Tipuliden II. Die Tipuliden der Iberischen Halbinsel
AbstractA list is provided of the 115 Tipulidae taxa from the Iberian Peninsula and the 7 taxa from the Balearic Islands. A description is given of Tipula (Yamatotipula) submontium nov. spec.
The following statements, with regard to the zoogeography of the Tipulidae from the Peninsula, are presented: 91% of the present-day fauna descend from european immigrants in the late Pleistocene (50 taxa) or in the Holocene (55 taxa), only 9% (10 taxa) from immigrants in earlier times of the Pleistocene. The iberian element in the present-day fauna of Europe comprises about 10 taxa which entered western and middle Europe during Holocene times.
Document typearticle
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