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Record: oai:ARNO:504978

AuthorA. Reyne
TitleScale insects from Dutch New Guinea
AbstractNew Guinea is next to Greenland the largest island in the world; its area is about 785000 sq. kilometers (with adjacent islands ca. 806000 sq.kms). It lies within the tropics, quite near the equator, and is largely covered by a luxuriant vegetation, so that a rich fauna of scale insects may be expected, though extremely little has been published on this subject.
In FERNALD’S catalogue with supplements (1903—1915), and in the Zoological Record for the years 1915—1957, only 4 new species are reported from New Guinea, viz. Myxolecanium kibarae BECCARI (FERNALD No. 1005), Aulacaspis major RUTHERFORD, Ceroplastes murrayi FROGGATT, and Steatococcus samaraius MORRISON (Zool. Ree. 1916, 1919, and 1927).
Document typearticle
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