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Record: oai:ARNO:504993

AuthorJu-Shey HO
TitleRevision of the genera of the Chondracanthidae, a copepod family parasitic on marine fishes
AbstractTwo subfamilies and 30 genera are recognized. They are: in the Chondracanthinae, Acanthochondria, Acanthochondrites, Andreina *, Berea, Blias, Brachiochondria *, Ceratochondria, Chondracanthodes, Chondracanthus, Diocus, Heterochondria, Humphreysia, Immanthe, Juanettia, Lateracanthus *, Medesicaste, Neobrachiochondria *, Praecidochondria *, Prochondracanthopsis *, Prochondracanthus *, Protochondracanthus *, Protochondria, Pseudacanthocanthopsis *, Pseudoblias *, Pseudochondracanthus, Rhynchochondria *, Scheherazade, and Strabax; and in the Lernentominae, Brachiochondrites * and Lernentoma. A redescription of the type-species, based as far as possible on type specimens, is given for all of the above genera except the 12 genera marked with an asterisk. The following 12 genera are rejected: Acanthocanthopsis, Alimeda, Barnardia, Chondracanthopsis, Disphaerocephalus, Oralien, Parapharodes, Protochondracanthoides, Pseudochondracanthoides, Rylovia, Trichthacerus, and Triphyllacanthus. A new form, Protochondria longicauda n. g. & n. sp., is described.
Document typearticle
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