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Record: oai:ARNO:505026

AuthorGertjannie Kleeton
TitleSur la présence de Pseudomyicola spinosus (Raff. & Mont.) (Crustacea, Copepoda) dans l’Atlantique, avec une note sur la synonymie de P. spinosus et P. glaber Pearse
AbstractThe parasitic copepod Pseudomyicola spinosus (Raff. & Mont.) has been found recently at Arcachon on the atlantic coast of France in the mussel, Mylilus edulis.
Comparison of material from Split (Jugoslavia), found in littoral Mytilus galloprovincialis, and belonging to Pseudomyicola spinosus spinosus, with figures by LAUBIER & REYSS (1964) of certain subspecies found in Pleria hirundo and Pinna pectinata, living in greater depths at Banyuls, on the French Mediterranean coast and named P. spinosus stocki and P. spinosus petiti respectively, shows that the material from Arcachon belongs to the same subspecies as that from Split, thus to P. spinosus spinosus.
The typical form of P. spinosus has a wide distribution: the littoral of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Europe.
Comparison with material from Beaufort (N.C.), U.S.A., confirms the suggestion made by STOCK (1959) that P. glaber Pearse is a synonym of P. spinosus (Raff. & Mont.). This being so, the area of P. spinosus is even more extended, viz. both coasts of the northern Atlantic Ocean.
Document typearticle
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