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Record: oai:ARNO:505027

AuthorsH.E. Coomans, R.M. Filmer
TitleStudies on Conidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) 3. Systematics and distribution of some Australian species, including two new taxa
AbstractConus clarus Smith is redescribed and considered a valid species from the south coast of West Australia to Victoria. A lectotype of C. segravei Gatliff is designated, it is a junior synonym of C. clarus. The holotype of C. kenyonae Brazier is studied and considered a juvenile specimen of C. distans Hwass. Specimens known as “C. lizardensis” and “C. tegulatus” from the coast between Dampier and Onslow in N.W. Australia are described as C. dampierensis nov. spec., a light colour forma is found on offshore islands. C. reductaspiralis Walls, originally a subspecies of C. nielsenae Marsh, is redescribed and considered a valid species; the distribution is from Cape Leveque to North West Cape, possibly further south.
The species complex of C. lischkeanus Weinkauff is studied, the nominate subspecies ranges from S. Japan to Taiwan. A lectotype of C. kermadecensis Iredale is designated; the collections of several museums contain false type material. C. kermadecensis is considered a subspecies of C. lischkeanus from eastern Australia, New Caledonia, northern New Zealand and the Kermadecs. These W. Pacific taxa are living offshore in deeper water, and their shells have a white aperture. The populations from some areas in the Indian Ocean live intertidally, the shells have a violet aperture. Those from West Australia are described as C. lischkeanus tropicensis nov. subspec.; this name may tentatively be applied to the populations from the coast of Oman; identical shells are reported in the literature from Mozambique to Natal.
Document typearticle
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