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Record: oai:ARNO:505043

AuthorW.L. van Utrecht
TitleSome aspects of the distribution, metamorphosis and growth in Serrivomer parabeani Bertin, 1940 (Pisces, Apodes, Serrivomeridae) related to growth features in their otoliths
AbstractMetamorphosis and growth of Serrivomer parabeani Bertin, 1940, are analysed, in relation to growth features in their otoliths. The animals were caught during the spring expedition in the Mid North Atlantic in 1980. It proved that the actual metamorphosis from leptocephalus to eel-like animal is of short duration. Growth in length and the development of the pigmentation is relatively slow. The animals from this series of samples do not show vertical migration. They are mainly restricted to water layers with temperatures between 8° and 12° C and depths between 450 and 1000 m, except at station 24, at the western side of the Great Meteor Bank, where some animals were caught at depths between 110 and 300 m, during the night.
Document typearticle
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