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Record: oai:ARNO:505050

AuthorsJ.J.M. Leinders, E. Heintz
TitleThe configuration of the lacrimal orifices in Pecorans and Tragulids (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) and its significance for the distinction between Bovidae and Cervidae
AbstractThe number and position of the orifices to the lacrimal duct in the lacrimal bone of ruminants is evaluated. It is concluded that the Bovidae, except the Bovini and Tragelaphini, have maintained the original one-orifice-inside-the-orbit configuration, whereas the two-orifices-on-the-rim-of-the-orbit morphology of the Cervidae was achieved before the M. Miocene in the evolution of this family. The classification of the Antilocapridae is discussed and it is concluded that the configuration of the lacrimal orifices corroborates with the suggested (Leinders, 1979) transfer of the Antilocapridae Gray, 1866 from the Bovoidea Simpson, 1931 to the Cervoidea Simpson, 1931.
Document typearticle
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