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Record: oai:ARNO:505110

AuthorAngelika Brandt
TitleFrontoserolis abyssalis n. sp. and Serolis arntzi n. sp. (Serolidae, Isopoda) from the Antarctic deep sea
Keywordstaxonomy; new species; Serolidae; Antarctica; deep sea
AbstractA new collection of Serolidae (Crustacea, Malacostraca) from the deep sea of the West-Atlantic part of Antarctica has been studied. Descriptions of the new species Frontoserolis abyssalis n. sp. and Serolis arntzi n. sp. are presented. F. abyssalis n. sp. is very similar to F. acuminata (Sheppard, 1957) and F. aestimabilis (Brandt, 1988), but can easily be distinguished from these by its vestigial eyes and a different ornamentation of head and pleotelson. S. arntzi n. sp. is most similar to S. rugosa, but can be discriminated from this species by the sculpture of the head, the pereonites and the pleotelson.
Document typearticle
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