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Record: oai:ARNO:505132

AuthorSteven Weinberg
TitleRevision of the common Octocorallia of the Mediterranean circalittoral. III. Stolonifera
AbstractSix stoloniferan species (Cornularia cornucopiae, Clavularia crassa, C. ochracea, C. marioni, “Anthelia” inermis and Rolandia rosea) from the Mediterranean circalittoral zone are described, nearly all of them occurring as epizoa on other organisms as well as on rocky substrata. Application of the rule of priority led to the change of one generic name, while several animals previously described as separate species were regrouped under their senior synonyms. A complete description of all these animals is given including colony form, morphology of the living polyps, morphology and morphometry of the sclerites. The latter were observed by means of light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. A short description is given of the ecology of each species.
Document typearticle
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