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Record: oai:ARNO:505134

AuthorAngelika Brandt
TitleStorthyngura spinosissima n. sp. (Munnopsididae, Isopoda, Crustacea) from the Weddell Sea and the Drake Passage
AbstractStorthyngura spinosissima n. sp. is described from material obtained from the Weddell Sea, south of Vestkapp and in the Drake Passage, at a depth of 417-1681 m. The new species is most similar to S. praegrandis George & Menzies, 1968, but differs in the following details: the dorsum of S. spinosissima n. sp. is covered by numerous small spine-like tubercles and short, hairlike setules, which are absent in S. praegrandis; the tubercles of the latter are less numerous; the interantennular space of S. spinosissima n. sp. is narrower than in S. praegrandis; the antennula of S. spinosissima n. sp. bears a less pronounced distomedial spine on the first peduncular article; and the uropodal endopods are slightly shorter and the exopods less wide in S. spinosissima n. sp. than in S. praegrandis.
Document typearticle
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