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Record: oai:ARNO:505201

AuthorC. den Hartog
TitleDistribution and ecology of the slugs Alderia modesta and Limapontia depressa in the Netherlands
AbstractThis paper deals with the slugs Alderia modesta (Lovén) and Limapontia depressa Alder & Hancock, both very common in the intertidal zone of the Dutch salt-marshes.
Van Benthem Jutting & Engel did not mention them as native species in „Fauna van Nederland” 8, a monograph on Dutch Opisthobranchia, published in 1936. Alderia and Limapontia do not belong to the order of Nudibranchia, but to a separate order, Saccoglossa (Ascoglossa). They possess an uniseriate radula, the worn teeth of which fall in a pouch (saccus, ascus). Their way of life is different, the Nudibranchs feed mainly on hydroids, sea anemones, bryozoa, sponges, etc.; only a few species e.g. Polycera quadrilineata O. F. Müller feed on algae, while all west-european Saccoglossa feed exclusively on algae.
Document typearticle
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