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Record: oai:ARNO:505202

AuthorA. Reyne
TitleScale insects from Thailand with description of a Filippia n.sp
AbstractFilippia orientalis n.sp. can be recognized by the following characters.
The adult female has next to chisel-shaped spines around the margin of the body 4 such spines on the outer side of the anal plates (fig. 11). The adult male has only one long seta (about 250 μ) in the glandular depressions which produce the caudal wax-tails. The first stage larva is provided with long stigmatic spines (ca. 60 μ) and slender conical spines along the margin of the body (fig. 19). The second stage larva has chisel-shaped spines around the margin of the body like the adult female (fig. 22). On the anal plates only the discal and the apical seta are chisel-shaped, the 2 setae on the mesal side of the plate have the usual shape (fig. 20).
Types in the Zoological Museum at Amsterdam, of second stage larvae, prepupae and pupae in the Museum of Natural History at Leiden.
Document typearticle
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