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Record: oai:ARNO:505231

AuthorA.J. de Boer
TitleThe taxonomy and biogeography of the bloetei group of the genus Baetura Stål, 1866 (Homoptera, Tibicinidae)
AbstractThe bloetei group is proposed for a monophyletic group of 18 species of the genus Baeturia Stål, 1866. Fifteen species are described as new ( B. bilebanarai, B. bismarckensis, B. bloetei, B. boulardi, B. brandti, B. cristovalensis, B. gressitti, B. macgillavryi, B. manusensis, B. marginata, B. mendanai, B. mussauensis, B. papuensis, B. reijnhoudti and B. sedlacekorum) and three species ( B. edauberti Boulard, B. maddisoni Duffels and B. rotumae Duffels) are redescribed. B. aubertae Boulard, B. efatensis Boulard and B. epiensis Boulard are proposed as new synonyms of B. edauberti Boulard. A key to the males is provided and distribution maps are presented. The distribution of shared characters is discussed pending a future phylogenetic reconstruction. Biogeographic patterns of the bloetei group are related to the geologic history of the area, and these suggest an Outer Melanesian Arc dispersal.
Document typearticle
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