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Record: oai:ARNO:505293

AuthorL. Botosaneanu
TitleÉtude de quelques Trichoptères ouest-paléarctiques intéressants appartenant au British Museum (Natural History)
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractHydroptila bifurcata Mosely is a good species, distinct from H. serrata Morton. Psychomyia bifurcata Mosely is a synonym of P. pusilla (Fabricius), but it may be considered, for the time being, as a “race” inhabiting the Atlas mountains. Mesophylax aspersus (Rambur) and M. impunctatus MacLachlan are quite certainly distinct species. Triaenodes zeitounensis Mosely is a slightly distinct sub-species of T. reuteri MacLachlan. Erotesis melanella MacLachlan is undoubtedly an Adicella, and the species was wrongly reported from Morocco, where it is replaced by another, related, species. Type specimens of Wormaldia subnigra MacLachlan, Diplectrona felix MacLachlan, D. atra MacLachlan, Drusus bolivari (MacLachlan), Mesophylax aspersus var. canariensis MacLachlan, are also studied – for different purposes – and figured.
Document typearticle
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