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Record: oai:ARNO:505295

AuthorMachfudz Djajasasmita
TitleAn annotated list of the species of the genus Corbicula from Indonesia (Mollusca: Corbiculidae)
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractThe species of the genus Corbicula known from Indonesia are alphabetically listed and noted. Sixteen out of the 35 described species are considered valid, i.e. C. gustaviana, C. moltkiana, C. sumatrana, C. tobae and C. tumida from Sumatra; C. javanica, C. pulchella and C. rivalis from Java; C. bitruncata and C. pullata from Borneo; C. lindoensis, C. loehensis, C. matannensis and C. subplanata from Celebes; C. australis from Timor and C. debilis from New Guinea. A Philippine species, C. squalida, is added as a new record.
Document typearticle
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