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Record: oai:ARNO:505358

AuthorsDiana P. Galassi, Giuseppe L. Pesce
TitleSchizopera (Schizopera) cicolanii n.sp. from brackish waters of Apulia, South Italy (Crustacea Copepoda: Diosaccidae)
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractSchizopera (Schizopera) cicolanii n.sp. is described from brackish waters of Apulia, south Italy. Following Apostolov’s (1982) review of the genus Schizopera s.l., the new species belongs to the subgenus Schizopera and is close to S. (S.) jugurtha (Blanchard & Richard, 1891) and S. (S.) compacta De Lint, 1922. The discovery of this species brings the total number of Schizopera s.str. from Italy to four, the others being S. (S.) subterranea Lang, 1948, S. (S.) lindae Apostolov & Pesce, 1987 and S. (S.) lagrecai Pesce, 1987, all from south Italy or Sicily.
Document typearticle
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