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Record: oai:ARNO:505365

AuthorsJ.Th. Winkler, R.W.M. van Soest
TitleFirst record of the Scyphomedusa Deepstaria enigmatica Russell, 1967, from the mid north Atlantic ocean (Coelenterata, Scyphozoa)
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractA description is given of a specimen of Deepstaria enigmatica Russell, 1967, caught in a haul made with the Rectangular midwater trawl RMT 1+8 at 24°52.0’ N 29°59-5’ W during the Amsterdam Mid North Atlantic Plankton Expedition 1980. The specimen, which was damaged during capture, is the third recorded. It is compared with the descriptions of two previously recorded specimens from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
Document typearticle
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