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Record: oai:ARNO:505394

AuthorsH.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek
TitleStudies on Conidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) 1. Conus papuensis and C. kintoki, two new species from deeper water in the western Pacific
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractConus papuensis nov. spec, was dredged in Hansa Bay, New Guinea, between 60 and 90 m. The shell has a superficial likeness to C. filicinctus Schepman, 1913, from Indonesia. Conus kintoki nov. spec. was a nomen nudum since 1970 and is validated here. This species is living around the Philippines between 100 and 200 m. It was incorrectly united with C. berdulinus Veillard, 1972 from the Indian Ocean.
Document typearticle
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