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Record: oai:ARNO:505443

AuthorArturs Neboiss
TitleCaddis-flies (Trichoptera) of the families Polycentropodidae and Hyalopsychidae from Dumoga-Bone National park, Sulawesi, Indonesia, with comments on identity of Polycentropus orientalis McLachlan
JournalBulletin Zoologisch Museum
AbstractA small number of specimens collected at Dumoga-Bone National Park, North Sulawesi, Indonesia during the Project Wallace 1985 expedition includes six new species referred to the family Polycentropodidae and another to Hyalopsychidae. The following species are described and illustrated: Polyplectropus cuspidatus sp.n., didactylus sp.n., epitychnus sp.n., exallus sp.n., umbonatus sp.n. and Nyctiophylax lumarius sp.n., Polycentropodidae and Hyalopsychella haplotes sp.n., Hyalopsychidae. It is shown that the type of Polycentropus orientalis McLachlan collected by Wallace, is from Sarawak and not from Celebes (=Sulawesl) as erroneously stated by McLachlan.
Document typearticle
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