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Record: oai:ARNO:505640

AuthorTh.F. Krans
TitleThe relation between the genera Cyrtinopsis Scupin, 1896 and Kozlowskiellina Boucot, 1957
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
AbstractA comparison of some morphological characters of Cyrtinopsis and Kozlowskiellina shows that the micro-ornamentation of Cyrtinopsis is essentially the same as in Kozlowskiellina and consists of growth lamellae, capillae and minor growth lines. The cardinal area of Cyrtinopsis is composed of a central interarea and a lateral palintrope, exactly the same as in Kozlowskiellina. The peculiar pedicle valve interior with the spondylium-like trough of Cyrtinopsis is fully comparable to and homologous with the interior of the pedicle valve of Kozlowskiellina which is also the case with the cardinalia in the brachial valve in both genera. As a conclusion it seems justified to unite both genera in one subfamily which for priority reasons must be named Cyrtinopsidinae.
Document typearticle
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