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Record: oai:ARNO:505643

AuthorP.A.M. Gaemers
TitleBonefish-otoliths from the Anversian (Middle Miocene) of Antwerp
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
Abstract31 species are listed from the Anversian in the neighbourhood of Antwerp (Belgium). Nine were previously known and one recorded species could not be found again.
The relative abundances of the species are discussed, especially with reference to Trisopterus friedbergi and small species.
The faunas from the ‘Zanden van Antwerpen’ (Sands of Antwerp) and the ‘Zanden van Edegem’ (Sands of Edegem), which make up the Anversian, are compared: the latter is older and the fauna preferred an environment close to the coast or shallow marine; the former, younger formation was formed in slightly deeper water further from the coast. The numerous otoliths of deep-sea fishes in the Sands of Antwerp must be allochthonous, although how these otoliths came to be there is still unknown.
One new species is described here, viz. Trisopterus antwerpiensis. This species is compared with the closely related T. benedeni biometrically.
The otoliths of the Sands of Antwerp confirm an age of uppermost Middle Miocene for this formation. Lowermost Middle Miocene for the Sands of Edegem is not contradicted by the otoliths found there.
Document typearticle
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