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Record: oai:ARNO:505666

AuthorA.C. van Ginkel
TitleFusulinids from uppermost Myachkovian and Kasimovian strata of northwestern Spain
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe uppermost marine fusulinid-bearing strata in northwestern Spain are found in the area of the upper Río Pisuerga in northern Palencia and in the area of the lower Río Cares in Oviedo (Asturia). The youngest fusulinid faunas in the Pisuerga area belong to the Protriticites Zone; they indicate a Lower Kasimovian age. In the area of the lower Río Cares fusulinids belong to the Triticites Zone; they indicate an Upper Kasimovian age. The Protriticites Zone of Spain is defined as the time-span between the first occurrence of Protriticites and the first occurrence of Triticites. One new species – Triticites (Montiparus) fischeri – and one new subspecies – Triticites (Triticites) ohioensis Thompson subsp. benshi – both occurring in the Triticites Zone of the Rio Cares area, are described.
Document typearticle
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