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Record: oai:ARNO:505674

AuthorF.A. Schilder
TitleThe Marine Mollusca of the Kendeng Beds (East Java) Gastropoda, part III (Families Eratoidae Cypraeidae, and Amphiperatidae)
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe Cypraeacea of the Cosijn collection and from the localities M1—M 262 of the Mijnwezen collection were already discussed by me in a previous paper 3). Recently some new material was sent to me by Dr. C. O. van Regteren Altena; these new shells partly derive from the localities M 263—M 347 of the Mijnwezen collection 4), partly they belong to the Dubois collection of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden. I thought it useful to include in the present study all the Cypraeacea of the Cosijn and Mijnwezen collections, whether already dealt with before or not, as well as the shells from Sonde in the collection K. Martin (R. G. M. L.) 5), the Cypraeacea of the Dubois collection, and some other specimens examined in Dutch collections. Thus the total number of examined Cypraeacea from Pliocene and Pleistocene beds of the Kendeng Mountains rose to 145 specimens belonging to 29 species or races.
The formulae added to the descriptions of specimens have been explained in the same paper 6); the seven figures indicate: 1. the length of the shell in mm.; 2. and 3. (both in brackets) the relative breadth and height (i.e. the dorso-ventral diameter) of the shell, both in per cent of the length (the figure indicating the relative height often has been omitted); 4. and 5. the absolute number of labial and columellar teeth, the left anterior terminal ridge excluded; 6. and 7. (both in brackets) the relative number of these teeth reduced to hypothetical shells of 10 mm. (in Eratoidae) or 25 mm. (in Cypraeidae and Amphiperatidae). The species have been arranged according to my last systema 7).
Document typearticle
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