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Record: oai:ARNO:505856

AuthorC.O. van Regteren Altena
TitleThe marine Mollusca of the Kendeng Beds (East Java), Gastropoda, part I (Families Fissurellidae-Vermetidae inclusive)
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the spring of 1937 I started the identification of a very large collection of marine mollusca from the plio-pleistocene Kendeng beds West of Soerabaja (Java). Though the whole material had already been arranged systematically and the greater part of the species had been identified provisionally by Dr. R. IJzerman, who very kindly placed his useful Ms. notes at my disposal, the revision of the entire material will certainly take several years. I therefore resolved to publish the results successively, the more so, as I am not sure that I shall remain in the condition to carry on these investigations.
The greater part of the present mollusca was collected by members of the staff of Geological Survey of the Netherland-Indies at Bandoeng (Java) during the exploration of the Kendeng region. This part was entrusted to me by professor Dr. L. M. R. Rutten of Utrecht after Dr. IJzerman had to give up his yet incomplete study of it. I am very much indebted to professor Rutten for his allowance to study this precious collection and for the constant interest he has shown in my work.
Document typearticle
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