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Record: oai:ARNO:505961

AuthorC. Beets
TitleNote on a new species of the Venerid genus Atopodonta from the vigo-miocene of Luzón (Philippine Islands), with remarks upon the generic character
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
Abstract1) Examining the Semper-collection of mollusca from the Philippines kept in the Leyden Geological Museum, I met with some generic undetermined specimens of a representative of the genus Atopodonta (from Tertiary strata only rarely recorded), all belonging to one and the same species, which appeared never to have been described before. This genus 1) is known from the Eocene of the Paris basin represented by two species, viz. the typespecies Atopodonta conformis (Deshayes), 1860 [Deshayes,. Anim. s. vert., I, p. 419, plate 28, fig. 14—16 (“Venus”); Cossmann, Catal. ill., I, 1886, p. (98— 100) 99, plate 6, fig. 3—6 (excl. plate 8, fig. 3—4)] and A. tapina Cossmann, 1886 (l.c., p. 100, plate 6, fig. 7—9). These are the only European species.
In 1941 I was in a position to describe the first Neogene representative that is known, strange enough this time from the Younger Miocene of Eastern Borneo; and only some time ago I recognized a second species in a collection of mollusca from the Older Miocene Rembang-beds of Java. To these scarce data the shells of the Semper-collection form a welcome addition.
Document typearticle
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