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Record: oai:ARNO:505973

AuthorsPieter A.M. Gaemers, Werner Schwarzhans
TitleFisch-Otolithen aus der Typuslokalität der Obermiozänen Sylt-Stufe (Morsum-Kliff, Insel Sylt, Nordwestdeutscheland)
JournalLeidse Geologische Mededelingen
Abstract42 species are listed from the Syltian of the Morsum Cliffs on the Isle of Sylt (Federal Republic of Germany). None was previously known from this locality.
Descriptions of 14 new species from Sylt: Congridarura acutirostris, Clupeidarum opisthonomus, Osmerus jansseni, ?Synodidarum xenosus, Notolepis inconspectus, Myctophidarum biexcisus, Pseudocolliolus syltensis, Trisopterus angustus, Morone rectidorsalis, Sciaenidarum beseli, Lycodes lobatus, Trigloporus boschi, ?Sebastes fitchi and Lepidorhombus klockenhoffi, are given. One new species. Boreogadus similis, is described from the Lower Pliocene Kattendijk Sands of the Antwerp area (Belgium). One species of the Pliocene of Antwerp, Oncocottus asper, now is iden.tified as Enchelyopus.
The otolith faunas from Sylt are strongly dominated by the Gadidae and clearly show their own character; nevertheless they exhibit a much closer relationshlp with older Late Miocene faunas and even with Middle Miocene faunas than with the Pliocene to recent ones which are known from the North Sea Basin. The Syltian clays were formed in a quiet, open marine environment not very close to the coast, probably at depths between 50 and 100 m.
Document typearticle
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