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Record: oai:ARNO:506078

AuthorF. Ummels
TitleAsteroids from the Netherlands Antilles and other Caribbean localities
JournalStudies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other Caribbean Islands
AbstractThe material brought back by Dr. P. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK from his various trips to the West Indies includes a number of starfish, which — with exception of the specimens belonging to Astropectinidae, Echinasteridae and Goniasteridae — were given to the present author as a subject for taxonomic examination. This resulting contribution to science is the outcome of no more than a few months of practical work under the direction of Dr. HUMMELINCK, and can therefore not be other than a rather superficial study, in which only additional material from the museums in Amsterdam and Leiden has been considered.
The material covered in this paper comprises: Oreaster reticulatus (L.), from BIMINI, NEW PROVIDENCE, CUBA, JAMAICA, HISPANIOLA, ST. MARTIN, LOS TESTIGOS, MARGARITA, BONAIRE, ARUBA, and BRAZIL. — Plates III—VI. Linckia guildingii Gray, from BIMINI, NEW PROVIDENCE, ST. KITTS, BONAIRE, KLEIN BONAIRE, CURAÇAO, ARUBA, and BRAZIL. — Plate VII. Ophidiaster guildingii Gray, from CURAÇAO. — Plate VIII. Asterina folium (Lütken), from COLOMBIA (Santa Marta). — Plate IX. Asterina hartmeyeri Döderlein, from ST. JOHN, ST. MARTIN, BONAIRE, and ARUBA. — Plate IX. Asterina marginata (Perrier), from BRAZIL. — Plate IX. Luidia senegalensis (Lam.), from ANTIGUA, COCHE, VENEZUELA mainland, COLOMBIA (Rio Hacha), and BRASIL. — Plates X—XI. Luidia clathrata (Say), from “WEST INDIES”. — Plates X—XI. Luidia alternata (Say), from COLOMBIA (Río Hacha). — Plates VIII, X.
Document typearticle
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