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Record: oai:ARNO:506207

AuthorH.E. Coomans
TitleA Survey of the Littoral Gastropoda of the Netherlands Antilles and other Caribbean Islands
JournalStudies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other Caribbean Islands
AbstractThis brief survey is based on the material collected by Dr. P. Wagenaar Hummelinck in 1936/37, 1948/49, and 1955. Station numbers only are cited; they refer to the “Description of new localities” in Volume IV of this series (1953; marine habitats p. 56-77) and to a “Third list of localities” which will be published in a forthcoming volume. Other localities, which are not numbered, are, as a rule, briefly described in the text.
Material assembled by a few other collectors has been added to Hummelinck’s collection. The names of the collectors are always mentioned, abbreviated as follows: Av.: R. Aveledo, Caracas Be.: J. G. van den Bergh, Aruba BL.: T. Blok, Curaçao Bo.: Mrs van den Bos, St Maarten Co.: R. M. Collens, Tobago Ga.: Wiesje and Hendrikje, the two little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. K. J. van Gaalen, Aruba. Za.: J. S. Zaneveld, Curaçao.
Document typearticle
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