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Record: oai:ARNO:506250

AuthorD.C. Geijskes
TitleThree new species of Micrathyria with a note on M. romani Sjöstedt
JournalStudies on the Fauna of Suriname and other Guyanas
AbstractIn the following descriptions, three new species of Micrathyria are introduced. They have been collected during the last twenty-three years of field work carried out in Suriname from the country’s northern Atlantic coast to its southern border with Brazil.
Micrathyria surinamensis n. sp. belongs to the aequalis-longifasciata group, M. paruensis n. sp. is a representative of the ungulata-complex and M. coropinae n. sp. shows a close relationship with M. romani Sjöstedt. I am much indebted to Dr. RENÉ MALAISE, Curator of the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum, Stockholm, for the loan of the type specimen of M. romani, from which supplementary notes and figures could be made.
Document typearticle
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