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Record: oai:ARNO:506317

AuthorC.J. Hazevoet
TitleAn annotated ornithological bibliography of Guinea-Bissau
JournalVerslagen en Technische Gegevens
AbstractGuinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony, is a small country (36,125 km²) in West Africa bordered by Senegal in the north and Guinea (Conakry) in the east and south. Little is known about the country’s ornithology and comparatively few papers on its birds have been published.
The following is an attempt at a comprehensive ornithological bibliography of Guinea-Bissau. Much of the results of ornithological work in the country have been published in Portuguese journals and Dutch reports, which are perhaps not easily traced otherwise. Some publications dealing with the avifauna of adjacent areas just across the borders with Senegal (e.g. Basse-Casamance) and Guinea (e.g. Ile Alcatraz, Iles Tristao) have been included when reference is made therein to Guinea-Bissau or when they are of special interest for the Guinea-Bissau situation. Also included are parasitological studies and works specifically dealing with the conservation of important bird habitats. General reference works on the birds of (West) Africa have been excluded, except in a few cases when explicit reference is made therein to collections or other data from Guinea-Bissau.
Document typearticle
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