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Record: oai:ARNO:506372

AuthorsS. van der Spoel, M.J. Koperdraat
TitleSamplelist of the Cicar (Cooperative Investigations in the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions) cruises 1970 – 1972
JournalVerslagen en Technische Gegevens
AbstractThe Royal Dutch Navy participated in the cruises of the Cooperative Investigations in the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions (Cicar) from 1970 up to 1973 with H.Nl.M.S. “Luymes” and made 39 cruises. For general information on these cruises and preliminary results one is referred to the titles in the list of literature marked with a asterisk. Plankton collecting was executed by the ornithologists Drs. S. van Halewijn and Drs. D.M.C. Poppe and when ornithologists were not aboard the crew of the researchship did valuable work by continuing sampling. As plankton samples could in many cases not be correlated with the official Cicar Stations new numbers are added when possible. Confusion of the numbers is impossible as the new numbers are single numbers, the original ones are double numbers separated by a hyphen.
The stationlist is divided into two parts, one dealing with the net samples and one with the pump samples. To correlate the net samples with the pump samples, the list of pump samples (numbers starting with a “P”) should be consulted wich gives the correlating net samples also.
Document typearticle
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