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Record: oai:ARNO:508340

AuthorJ. Valckenier Suringar
TitlePersonal ideas about the application of the international rules of nomenclature, or, as with the rules themselves, international deliberation? Some denominations of Conifer-species
JournalMededeelingen van 's Rijks Herbarium, Leiden
AbstractOur Pinus halepensis is described by DUHAMEL DU MONCEAU in „Traité des arbres et arbustes etc.” 1755 p. 126 as follows: Pinus Hierosolymitana praelongis et tenuissimis viridibus foliis PLUK.: Pin de Jerusalem, dont les feuilles sont très vertes, longues et menues.
This circumscription is a phrase without a trivial name. LINNAEUS himself also indicated the species in that period principally by a phrase; a trivial name („nomen triviale”) was added in 1753 for convenience; but LINNAEUS warns emphatically against forgetting the art-name (that is the phrase, „differentia specifica” or „nomen spicificum” of LINNAEUS) ¹). This art-name (phrase) was arranged methodically by him and bad to be such, that there was to be found in it exactly what was wanted to distinguish one species from the remaining known species; 12 words were the highest number allowed ²).
Document typearticle
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