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Record: oai:ARNO:508427

AuthorJ.R.H. Neervoort van de Poll
TitleOn a new Longicorn genus and species, belonging to the Agniidae
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractCaput mediocre, supra angustius; tuberibus antenniferis validis, breviusculis; oculorum lobi inferiores magni, subconvexi. — Frons trapeziformis, subconvexa; mandibulae robustae oblique prominentes. — Antennae ♂ longissimae, scapo, cylindrico, elongato, cicatricoso, articulo tertio longiore, caeteris subaequalibus. — Prothorax subtransversus, utrinque in medio fortiter spinosus, antice et postice constrictus. — Elytra subcuneiformia, subconvexa, humeris rotundatis, singulis apicibus rotundatis. — Mesosternum paullo productum, obtuse rotundatum.
Resembles the genus Pharsalia, but differs in having the underlobes of the eyes much larger, more approximate in front; the front of course narrower, more trapeziform; the antenniferous tubercles somewhat more distant and not spiniformly enlarged at the innerside; the elytra without tubercles at the base, the shoulders not prominent; the mesosternum not acutely produced.
Document typearticle
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