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Record: oai:ARNO:508504

AuthorMartin Jacoby
TitleTwo new species of Malayan Phytophagous Coleoptera
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractOblong, subquadrate, testaceous. Apical joints of the antennae and the abdomen, black. Elytra strongly punctate-striate, dark violaceous, the extreme lateral margin testaceous. — Length 4 lines.
Head impunctate, shining, testaceous. Antennae slender, filiform, two thirds the length of the body, the third joint the longest, 5 lower joints testaceous below, the rest black. Thorax transverse, anterior margin semicircular, posterior one sinuate at each side and accompanied by a row of deep punctures, sides straight at the base, rounded towards the apex, surface entirely impunctate, testaceous, obscurely stained with longitudinal fuscous markings. Scutellum testaceous. Elytra distinctly punctatestriate, the apex impunctate, shoulders bounded within by a longitudinal groove. The extreme basal and lateral margin testaceous, this colour gradually narrowed towards the posterior portion of the elytral margin. Legs and breast testaceous. Abdomen black. Claws simple.
Document typearticle
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