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Record: oai:ARNO:508555

AuthorC. Ritsema Cz.
TitleSynonymical remarks about certain Coleoptera and a Heterocerous Lepidopteron
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
Abstract1. Eurytrachelus Lansbergei Gestro ( Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova. vol. XVI (1881) p. 320, fig.) = var. max. of Eurytrachelus eurycephalus Burmeister ( Handbuch der Entomologie. vol. V (1847) p. 387. — Snellen van Vollenhoven, Tijdschrift voor Entomologie. vol. VIII (1865) p. 151, pl. 10, fig. 4. — Parry, Transactions of the Entomological Society of London for the year 1874. p. 371). 2. Eurytrachelus coranus Gestro (l. c. p. 321. fig.) = var. minor of Eurytrachelus arfakianus Lansberge (Comptes- Rendus des Séances de la Soc. Entom. de Belgique. ann. 1880. p. CXVIII).
Document typearticle
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