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Record: oai:ARNO:508645

AuthorM. Régimbart
TitleThe new Dytiscidae and Gyrinidae collected during the recent scientific Sumatra- Expedition
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractOblongo-ovalis, postice paululum attenuatus, subtilissime reticulatus, infra fusco-ferrugineus, antennis pedibusque testaceo-ferrugineis; capite ac prothorace fulvis, hoc ad basin leviter infuscato; elytris nigro-fuscis, crebre et irregulariter fulvo-irroratis, ad basin fascia lutea transversa et undulata, post medium aliquot lineolis transversim dispositis ornatis, ad apicem et latera anguste fulvis. — Long. 3½ mm.
Closely allied to Laccophilus transversalis Régimb. ¹) from which it differs by the fulvous head and prothorax; the latter has no black spot on the anterior border, and on the middle of the posterior border only a faint, lightbrownish band.
Document typearticle
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