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Record: oai:ARNO:508863

AuthorC. Ritsema Cz.
TitleZoological results of the Dutch Scientific Expedition to Central Borneo
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractA large and robust species which is closely allied to A. viridipennis Gestro from Sarawak, of which I have the type before me, but still larger, measuring 16 mm. in length instead of 13 mm.; moreover the elytra are not green but black with a faint purplish hue, and the clypeus is longer and only inconspicuously emarginate in front, the sides of the prothorax are less angularly rounded when viewed laterally, and the first and second elytral costae are not bordered (on both sides) with a narrow slightly impressed stripe, which stripes, in viridipennis, make the impression of being pairs of very fine lines.
Glabrous, glossy black, the elytra with a faint purplish hue, the palpi and antennae ferruginous.
Document typearticle
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