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Record: oai:ARNO:509025

AuthorE.D. van Oort
TitleEudynamis Minima, an apparently new Cuckoo from Southwestern New Guinea
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractOnly an adult male of this apparently new form of the genus Eudynamis has been collected near Bivak Island, in the Noord River, Southwestern New Guinea, at 9 January 1910 by the members of the last Lorentz-expedition to the snowy mountains. (Coll. Lorentz n°. 508).
The plumage is black, glossed with greenish blue. Iris fire-red; bill dull yellow with blackish base; feet black. The dimensions are very small, smaller than those of any of the described forms of Eudynamis, even inferior to those of Eudynamis orientalis alberti Rothschild & Hartert of the Solomon Islands, which has a length of wing from 180—185 mm. (Nov. Zool. XIV, 1907, p. 440). Our specimen measures: culmen 23, wing 169, tail 164, tarso-met. 30 mm.
Document typearticle
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