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Record: oai:ARNO:509136

AuthorJ. Büttikofer
TitleZoological researches in Liberia. A list of Birds, collected by J. Büttikofer and C. F. Sala in Western Liberia, with biological observations
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractThe readers of the »Notes” will remember that Prof. Schlegel, in 1881, published a paper¹) about a zoological expedition sent under his supervision to Liberia, on the West Coast of Africa. That paper was, as Prof. Schlegel said, intended to serve as an introduction to the description of new and interesting animals, both those expected and such as were, at that time, already obtained from the expedition, and mentioned a number of valuable mammals and birds, collected during our nine months’ stay on the banks of the St. Pauls River.
Since that time, the volumes of the »Notes” contain a number of papers²) from the hands of Drs. Jentink, Hubrecht, de Man, Horst, de Marseul, Candèze, v. Lansberge and Heylaerts, in which important parts of our Liberian collections are treated of and several new species described, without exhaustive systematical lists having been given of our collections, sent in during our 2½ years stay in Liberia,
Document typearticle
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