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Record: oai:ARNO:509185

AuthorO. Finsch
TitleOn seven new species of Birds in the Leyden Museum from the islands of Wetter, Kisser, Letti and New-Guinea
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractAdult male (Cat. 1) n°. 1). Head, nape and earcoverts black; remaining upper parts olive-green, brighter and more yellowish green on the rump and upper tailcoverts; wings black; the primaries and their coverts on the outer web narrowly margined with pale greenish olive, the secondaries broadly with brighter yellowish green; the two central tailfeathers washed with dull olive-green, the remainder black, margined on the outer web with olivegreen, wider towards the base, almost imperceptibly on the two outermost ones; the four outermost ones on each side with white tips, confined almost to the inner web; whole under surface, as also the cheeks, sides of neck and under wingcoverts white with a faint yellowish hue; wings and tail from below ashy grey. Bill and feet black; a narrow ring round the eye and the space between eye and gape naked and flesh-coloured (in the living bird »reddish-yellow”: Schädler). »[rides dark brown” (Schädler).
Adult female (Cat. n°. 2). General colour above olivebrown, the head mottled with darker brown shaftstripes, lower back and rump olive-green, more vivid on the upper tailcoverts; wings blackish brown; primaries on the outer web very narrowly margined with pale yellowish olive, secondaries and all the coverts more distinctly margined externally with greenish yellow-olive; tail blackish brown, the two central tailfeathers washed with olive-green, the remainder only with a faint greenish margin on the outer web; earcoverts, chin and throat dull brown, with faint whitish margins, most distinct on the chin, remaining under parts whitish, with dark shaftstripes, broadest on breast and flanks, very narrow on the middle of vent and under tailcoverts; under wingcoverts whitish, washed with pale isabelline. — Bill and feet black, the same as a narrow ring round the eye and the space between the eye and gape (in the living bird »dark green”: Schädler).
Document typearticle
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