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Record: oai:ARNO:509189

AuthorJ.R.H. Neervoort van de Poll
TitleContributions to the knowledge of the Longicorn group of the Batoceridae
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractRecently Mr. Ritsema has published (vide ante p. 219) an alphabetical list of the described species of the genus Batocera with indication of the synonyms. These synonymical remarks are partly due to his own observations, partly to Mr. van Lansberge’s informations concerning many of the Thomsonian species, and my own notices on the species described by Major Parry, whilst a few are copied from the Munich Catalogue. Having just now successively visited the Museums of Genoa, Darmstadt and Loudon , as well as the private collection of Mr. Pascoe, I am able to give still some additional synonymical annotations on the types contained in the above mentioned collections.
The examination of the Batocerids of the Museum of Genoa did not afford me observations on the genus Batocera itself, but for the knowledge of the group it is interesting to know that Apriona Straussi Gestro proved to belong to the genus Rosenbergia Rits. It is closely allied to R. vetusta Rits. but differs in having the underside thickly clothed with long brown hairs, whilst the corresponding part in vetusta is covered with a short whitish pubescence. Mr. Gestro described bis species from a large and robust ♀ specimen not unlike the ♀ of R. megalocephala v. d. Poll. From the knowledge of this second female results that the sexual differences of the development of the head and mandibles must be enumerated among the characteristics of the genus Rosenbergia.
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