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Record: oai:ARNO:509190

AuthorOliver E. Janson
TitleOn the male sex of Argyripa subfasciata Rits., and description of a new species of the Cetoniid genus Allorhina
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractA unique female in the Leyden Museum was alone known to the author when describing this species and as I have recently received a male Argyripa tation in referring to subfasciata, which I have no hesi-I take this opportunity at the request of Mr. Ritsema of calling attention to the peculiarities of this sex. The most remarkable character is the extraordinary structure of the mentum, this being produced on the underside into a broad flattened vertical process margined at its sides and slightly emarginate at the apex; in the male of A. lansbergei Sallé, I find an indication of a similar structure in a conspicuous obtuse tubercle on the underside of the mentum, but in A. anomala Bates it is entirely absent. In other respects the male of subfasciata differs from the female in having the head strongly concave above, the lateral margins of the clypeus strongly elevated and forming an obtuse flattened horn on each side, the apex of the clypeus coarsely punctured with the margin a little reflexed and slightly emarginate, the apex of the thorax more strongly produced and forming an obtuse slightly deflexed horn (much narrower than in lansbergei) and the body altogether of a much narrower form, the yellow markings are also of a decided greenish tint and the thoracic border is narrower especially at the base.
Document typearticle
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