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Record: oai:ARNO:509195

AuthorE. Candèze
TitleA new genus and four new species of Elateridae from the collections of the Leyden Museum
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractFusco-castaneus, subnitidus, cinereo-pilosulus, fronte convexa, apice parum porrecta; antennis articulis 2 et 3 parvis aequalibus; prothorace latitudine haud longiore, aequaliter convexo, crebre fortiterque punctato, angulis posticis retrorsum productis, brevibus, carinatis; elytris saepe brunnescentibus, tenuiter striato-punctatis, interstitiis planis, transversim subgranulatis; corpore subtus concolore, prosterni mucrone recto. — Long. 11 mm., lat. 3 mm.
Hab. Zanzibar. — The specimens of the Leyden Museum were forwarded from the interior (Marangnombe). My own collection contains several specimens captured by Mr. Schaedle at Bagamoyo.
Document typearticle
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