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Record: oai:ARNO:509198

AuthorM.M. Schepman
TitleDescription of a new species of Fusus from Japan
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractShell fusiform, white; whorls 8, slightly concave at the upper part, rather inflated and rounded beneath; nucleus smooth and semitransparent, each of the next whorls with about 10 costae, which become obsolete on the 6th and are entirely wanting on the ultimate and penultimate whorl. The entire surface of the shell, with exception of the nucleus, is covered with close set lines of growth and spiral lirae, of which latter there are 13 on the penultimate whorl, besides a few much finer intermediate ones, which alternate rather regularly with the coarser lirae and are more clearly seen on the ultimate whorl; the lirae are slightly granulate. Last whorl regularly contracted to the base and produced into a moderately long canal, which is slightly curved. Aperture oval, columella smooth, slightly excavated, with a thin white callosity; interior of the aperture smooth and white.
Length 40, diam. 16 mill. — Length of the aperture, including the canal, 24, width 7½ mill.
Document typearticle
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