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Record: oai:ARNO:509202

AuthorF.M. van der Wulp
TitleDescription of a remarkable new Asilid
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractTener, pallide rufus; abdominis segmentis ultimis fuscescentibus; facie fronteque angustis, argenteis; femoribus anticis extrinsecus pilis binis longis nigris, mediis spinula unica nigra munitis; tarsis anterioribus subtus nigro-notatis, anticorum articulo secundo primo sublongiori, intermediorum articulis 2, 3 et 4 brevibus, subdilatatis, externe nigroplumatis; alis hyalinis, apice cinereo; nervis apicalibus flexuosis. — Long 12 mm.
This species, by its slender and delicate structure, on the first sight is hardly to be recognized as an Asilid.
Document typearticle
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