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Record: oai:ARNO:509212

AuthorEug. Dubois
TitleOn the occurrence of Crocodilus porosus far above the tideway in a Sumatran river
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractIn the volume of the »Fauna of British India” edited by W. F. Blanford, containing the description of the Reptilia and Batrachia by G. A. Boulenger, it is stated, p. 4, that it is not certain that Crocodilus porosus Schneid. is found far above the tideway in rivers.
It may therefore be of some interest to state that I found (1889) an individual of this species (the skull of which is now in the Leyden Museum) living in the river Sinamar near Boea in the Highlands of Padang, Sumatra. The Sinamar is a branch of the Kuantan, which latter has its mouth on the east coast of the island, whilst Boea is situated much nearer the west coast from which it is, however, separated by several ranges of high hills; the straight distance between Boea and the east coast is about 300 km. Between that place and the lower course of the Kuantan the Sinamar breaks through another range of hills giving over a long extent cause to rapids, which make navigation over some of those stretches quite impossible, even for the smallest praws.
Document typearticle
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