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Record: oai:ARNO:509213

AuthorAngelo Senna
TitleOn the species of the genus Jonthocerus Lac. and description of a new species from Zanzibar
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractSome time ago I have had occasion, in speaking of the genus Cerobates Schh. 1), to note the logical position in the Brenthids arrangement of the genus Jonthocerus Lac. after the suppression of the subfamily Ephebocerinae lately proposed by Prof. Sharp. This position is among the Stereoderminae near Cerobates to which the genus Jonthocerus is allied. In this subfamily, Jonthocerus represents the South American genus Ephebocerus Schh. of the Trachelizinae.
The characteristic of all the species of this genus is, in the males, the remarkable development of the eyes occupying often the greater part of the head, and the long and slender antennae clothed with delicate hairs. The females have the eyes smaller and normal, the antennae shorter and more robust; it is not easy to distinguish them from Cerobates.
Document typearticle
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