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Record: oai:ARNO:509214

AuthorAngelo Senna
TitleOn some Brenthidae collected by Mr. H. Fruhstorfer in Java
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractThrough the courtesy of my colleague Mr. C. Ritsema, I have had the opportunity of examining several Brenthids taken in Java by Mr. H. Fruhstorfer and recently acquired by the Leyden Museum. Among them, there are two species found for the first time in Java and, moreover, a Pseudorychodes new to science. The publication of the description of this latter offers me the occasion of publishing the list of all the species contained in this lot, to which I have added those existing in the collections of the Brussels Museum. Some time ago, Dr. H. J. Kolbe published ยน) two new Javanese Brenthids, viz. Hoplopisthius javanus Kolbe and Carcinopisthius Fruhstorferi Kolbe, obtained by the above named naturalist and belonging to the collection of the Berlin Museum, but these species are not represented amongst the specimens examined by me. 1. Sebasius laetus Senna, Ann. Mus. Civ. Stor. Nat. Genova, ser. 2, vol. XII, p. 441, 1892. (sub Zemioses).
Document typearticle
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